Monday, April 23, 2012

Filler: Wombats

Apparently I have nothing interesting to say today - and, honestly, I don't really have time to write anything anyway. (Can you say "busy season", boys and girls? I knew you could.)

So, in honor of Firstborn's obsession with the critters, I'll offer you some videos of wombats to help you while away your workday. (Or, alternatively, you could take a look at the opening for my movie script.)

Join the wombats below the cut...

Wombat. In this case, a particularly cute wombat getting scritches.

Digger the wombat & Donna. Digger is almost ready to be released back into the bush.

Going underground with a wombat. (Apparently wombats have a resistance movement. Who knew?)


  1. An entire comic devoted to a wombat?!?!?!

    I must read this. Aloud. With my child.

  2. That was kinda the idea. If you have the funds, please consider sending some in the direction of the author/artist. If the name of her website is any indication, she really likes wombats. She's also really funny.

  3. I remember seeing some things in Digger that might be a bit intense for a child. You might want to check it out yourself first.

    But, yeah, Digger is wonderful!


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