Thursday, April 26, 2012

Filler: Semi-Random Links

Stuff I thought was worth reading:

"That's why you don't have any friends."

Petition: All Christians: Publicly affirm that being gay is no more immoral than is being straight.

Fundraising for Texas Planned Parenthood - with a twist. Note: the campaign has been so successful that its originator is currently requesting that people donate to Planned Parenthood directly.

Water for people wants to help ensure that people have access to clean water.

Unwrapping the Onion is the sort of story that replace Culture War "issues" with the firsthand experiences of real, non-abstract human beings. It's best if you start with the first entry in the series and go from there.

Is the Vatican actively trying to save Catholicism by destroying it? Seriously, what are these guys thinking?

Slow Jamming The News is just awesome.

10 Tips for Dealing with Online Criticism includes helpful advice for anyone, I think. Plus, it has a troll.

7 Commonly Corrected Grammar Errors (That Aren't Mistakes)

Also from Cracked,
The 7 Most Elaborate Dick Moves in Online Gaming History
clearly reveals why human beings should never, ever be given super powers.

...So that's me. What are you reading?


  1. Okay, the story of Fansy the Famous Bard made me laugh so hard my throat hurt.

  2. Yeah, that whole article cracked me up. But Fansy hits that special note of "why people don't really want Absolute Freedom".

  3. Bad eyesight made me attempt a mouse-over on the word, "troll," because, while I realized some phrases in your blog were links, I couldn't tell the regular text from The Blue Link. And who can resist clicking TROLL?

    Troll had no link, so I felt obliged to
    grow up
    and read the grammar epic....

    Is the split infinitive issue a left-over from languages wherein the verb is one word... UH... ER... Spanish (closer to Latin?) for "to go" is "ir," which cannot BE split, and NOW I can't find those helpful keyboard nubbins on my F and J keys, where are my fingertips???
    What am I writing?

  4. What can I say? It was a cute troll.

    I'm not sure what the origin of the Do Not Split Infinitives rule is. I do know that you can not follow it and still sound like a native English speaker, though.


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