Monday, December 12, 2011

Update on Night of the Living Dead Christian

We're very nearly done with the... vivisection? ...of Night of the Living Dead Christian. We're also nearly at the end of the commentary that I'd written out in advance. So I'm going to take a brief break - probably just a couple of days - and write out the last of my critique before I resume posting it here. There are... I don't know, five or six more entries at most, so we'll be done in time for Christmas.

(That will be my gift to Matt Mikalatos: he won't have to read any more of my criticism! I'm sure this will come as a great relief, though he's been a wonderfully good sport about all this.)

So, yeah. That's where we are, and that's where we're going.


  1. The great relief will be that I won't feel guilty for all the posts I haven't commented on! I'm going to go comment on some now. I'm actually enjoying this. I don't mind criticism.

    Actually, the other night I was moaning to my wife about how nobody loves me/my writing and she said I sounded like my eight year old and she was right. Darn artists have to be careful not to slip into despair too often.

  2. At least if you're shivering in a garret with only one meal a day and one small lump of coal to keep you warm, you can be all despair-y without coming across as self-indulgent. (Frankly, I can't see many other advantages to that arrangement, and I'd rather just have my wife talk some sense into me in our nice, warm living room.)


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