Wednesday, December 21, 2011

People helping people

An iFriend posted this video on Facebook. I'm sharing it here because there's just something about watching people help each other (even in something that's very clearly dramatized) that cheers me up. Admittedly, it also left me a little sniffly, so if you don't want your co-workers to catch you crying you might want to watch it at home, or at least make sure nobody else is around. (I'd pretend like I'm the sort of manly man who doesn't get reduced to tears by, say, this sort of music video - or children's cartoons, for that matter - but I've been a parent for over five years now. If I ever had those sort of pretensions, or even a tiny little shred of personal dignity, they're long gone now.)

There you go. Hope it cheers you up, too.


  1. I think kindness is underestimated. For instance, I suspect most of us would prefer intelligence in a mate to kindness. If so, that might not be the wisest choice. It's probably easier to be happy with a kind mate than it is to be happy with a merely intelligent mate.

  2. Yes, and you'd think that after this many years on the planet I wouldn't be surprised by just how much difference a small kindness can make - but I frequently am.


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