Monday, December 12, 2011

Real Work Conversations: The Ultimate SF Movie Script

This is why I love my workplace. Well, one of the reasons.

So I'm walking down the hall, and I hear this:

Bob: " Highlander V. Or whatever. We could do this, we'd just need something..."

Sam: "Lightsabers."

Bob: "Yeah! No, too distinctive."

Sam: "Too copyrighted."

Me (stopping in the doorway): "Though I did once write a bit of fan fiction in which a Sith Lord was going around killing Jedi, harvesting their midichlorians, and injecting them into his own body. 'Cause after doing that for a while, there can be only one..."

Sam: "Yeah, way to mind-f*ck that childhood memory. Turns out The Force isn't some invisible energy field that surrounds us and binds us together. Turns out there are these little micro-organisms that live in your body, feeding off of you, and crapping Force into your body. And if you have enough of them, you can become a Jedi."

Bob: "And then the Umbrella Corporation got ahold of them."

Sam: "No."

Me: "No, I like this. They inject them into your body, and they give you psychic powers, except when you die you become a zombie and go out to devour the brains of Jedi. This could work."

Sam: "And they're real slow, but it doesn't matter because when you try to run they can Force-pull you back to them. Just-" (He demonstrates in pantomime.)

Bob: "We should find an RTVF Major to make this film."

Unfortunately, at that point I had to go, so I didn't get to hear how the rest of the conversation went.

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