Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Entry in the Parenting Journal

That's right... it's the shocking account of how December tried to kill us. Thrills! Chills! Spine-tingling terror! Also, coughing. Lots and lots of coughing.

Oh, and presents. Lots of those, too.

Read it here!


  1. So very tired of the sickness in this house as well. The AH got pneumonia right after thanksgiving and is still recovering and coughing his head off. He's on Prednisone and that stuff is bad. Both my boys are finally, just this week, not coughing. Just in time to go back to school and get sick again. I somehow managed to escape it all with only a slight cold for a few day.

    Cute kiddo's by the way!

  2. Yuck. Hope everyone's getting better, if they aren't there already!


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