Thursday, September 9, 2010

Waiting for the Season to Change

The past six weeks or so have been really rough. Some of that was due to allergies (and by 'allergies', I actually mean 'pollution levels that render Dallas air just short of unbreathable'), and some of it was being sick. For a while there, it seemed like every time I'd start to feel better, something new would come along and knock me on my... butt.

More recently, I've actually managed to feel better... but every time I do, I start thinking, Aha! Now I can catch up on this incredibly long list of projects that I'd like to complete! Then I wind up exhausted, and decide that what I really need to do is sleep until I feel better. So I make it a point to go to bed early, and not try to get anything done. Then, when I feel better, I think, Aha! Now I can catch up on this incredibly long list of projects that I'd like to complete! So I overextend myself, and wind up exhausted again.

This is a cycle I would dearly love to break. Unfortunately, I don't think that's really going to happen until the weather changes - and that means waiting for Fall. (Tropical Event Hermine cleared the air nicely, but that only helps for a day or two.) The alternative would be to get out of town for a while, but that isn't really possible if I want to keep my current job - and I do.

There are actually a couple of other things that I think would help (they're workplace-related, so I don't really want to go into details), but again they're mainly a matter of waiting. And, of course, we have a baby who's coming up on five months old, so it's not like we weren't expecting a rough year. I'll still be glad when it's over.

It's also worth remembering that most of the world would cheerfully swap my problems for their own. Doesn't mean I can't complain, though.

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