Saturday, September 25, 2010

Naughty Words

Okay, so yesterday I'm coming back from my lunch break, and what do I see? A bunch of older men and women engaged in philately. In public, yet, where anybody could see them. And like I said, it was lunch time, so I'm sure that most of them had been masticating right before they started, um, doing that.

I cannot believe that it's legal for them to do that. Is that really the sort of behavior we want our children to see? Do we want people to start thinking that this sort of thing is normal? They could at least have the decency to do it behind closed doors.

By the way... your epidermis is showing.


  1. Eh.. if they enjoy that sort of thing. Let 'em..

  2. Philately in public? You mean people still use stamps? I thought they were obsolete.

  3. I'm not sure philately counts as "using" stamps - or if it does, it's clearly a perversion of their proper use. Plus, by its very nature, philately results in the objectification of stamps. Don't you think they deserve better than that?

  4. I had to google it. I had no clue what it was. I'm not very versed in the world of philately, nor to I care to be.

  5. Well, yes, as a hobby it seems like it would rank right up there with watching paint dry; but obviously some people are very devoted to it. Then again, I say much the same thing about golf.

    But yes, this is pretty much all childish vocabulary humor. What the hell, some days I enjoy being childish...


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