Friday, September 10, 2010

Real Work Conversations: Coffee

The scene: The HR Director's office, about 3:30 in the afternoon. I enter to find the HR Director (HRD) at her desk, and my boss's boss (MBB) sitting at the small table in the corner.

MBB, thinking that I've come looking for him, asks: "Did you need something?"

I look at HRD, instead: "Actually, I had a suggestion."

HRD says, "Really?"

"Yes." I begin to explain: "You know we have coffee pots all over the building, right? Well, I think we need some Irish coffee dispensers..."

HRD bursts out laughing.

I continue, undaunted: "'Cause after spending all day building the menus for a website redesign, I could really use..."

MBB bursts out laughing.

"...And hey, I was thinking we could tie them to the security badges, so you have to scan your badge before it works. Then we could limit people to one a day."

MBB: "Can I borrow your badge?"

I grinned and left. One of the critical skills for this kind of joke is knowing how to wind it up before it stops being funny.

I love my work environment...

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