Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Am Not Making This Up

My job includes a fair amount of random weirdness. These are usually things that make perfect sense on their own, but at first glance have no apparent connection to my actual job. (I will mention, again, just how much I fear the phrase "other duties as assigned".)

One of those tenuously connected duties is this: I put up the scores for a golf league for senior citizens. As a result, I'm on their mailing list.

So this morning, I opened my e-mail to find a letter from the President of the league. I was expecting the latest set of scores. Instead, I find a collection of notes and announcements. Heading the list is this:

Big mystery that needs to be solved. At the awards banquet, somebody won tickets to a regular season Stars hockey game. The problem is that nobody remembers who it was. [Name Omitted] won the pre-season tickets but we don’t know who won the regular season tickets. If you were the winner, or know who it was, please tell [Name] or [Other Name] at [e-mail] or call him at [phone number].

This probably shouldn't be quite so funny to me.

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