Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello, Dennis Markuze

You remember the policy, right? "Meaningless, disruptive bullshit gets deleted." That's the policy. I've asked you before - politely, even - to stop leaving your rants. I'd appreciate it if you'd abide by that request.

As always, you're welcome to leave actual comments; but do please keep the policy in mind.

Also, and I mean this as a friendly suggestion with nothing but your best interests in mind: please get help. Here is a list of psychiatrists in the Montreal area. I'm sure any one of them would be happy to work with you.

And while we're talking about you, are you any relation to Herbert Marcuse?


  1. Hey, he just spammed my Congo Mass Rape post again. I'm leaving it up because it makes him look like such an unbelievably heinous individual.

  2. I've just deleted nine of his posts - or rather, one of his posts, nine times - over the space of about half an hour... maybe less. Hence the sudden appearance of this post.

    It would be nice if the spam filter would notice when somebody tries to post the same thing twice in a row. Right now, it's not much use.

  3. What, Blogger do something useful about Dennis? Oh, Michael, you are ever the optimist, aren't you?

  4. Well, it's a somewhat jaded and cynical sort of optimism... but yeah, actually I am.

  5. There's a reason I switched to TypePad today...


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