Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still Not Dead

So, to the great surprise of... well, almost nobody, actually... I haven't snuffed it yet. All the little metabolic functions are humming quietly along, just the way they should (though a bit of food and caffeine wouldn't go amiss). I dropped by the local DPS* this morning, and it turns out my soul is still where it's supposed to be, and doing just fine. So, no problems there either.

I did have a couple of ghosts clustered around me, but they're (former) family members and well-disposed towards me. You could say, in fact, that I'm in good spirits.

I tell you, ever since I shook off those last few engrams and that pesky Body Thetan, life's been good.

Still, a bit more Monty Python never hurts. Bring out yer dead!

* Doctor of Psychical Surgery


  1. You commented on my LJ earlier today. I like your blog and your writing. I don't do much w/LJ, I should be more series about my writing.

    Your take on you know who seems to be accurate.The guy has so many inconsistencies and logical fallacies in his "argument" its not funny. He claims to be a "revolutionary Marxist" and occasionally rants about globalization.He has a thing for the philosopher Herbert Marcuse but this could be just because of the similarity in surnames.
    I did a parody of him on one forum I'm on but I can't find it right now.

  2. Thanks! And thanks for dropping by. I do series writing because, well, with two young boys in the house, that's the only kind of writing I can finish.

  3. Oy. I shouldn't respond before coffee, obviously. You were talking about getting more serious about your writing. I've been thinking about bite-sized writing projects a lot recently, which is why I read it literally.


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