Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ten Commandments: The Sex Ed Edition

This is another list that someone else wrote up, which I am repeating here because I think it deserves to be repeated. (Thanks, Denelian.) The person who wrote it used to mentor teens, and would - once trust was established - share the list with them and ask them to pass it on.

She says that out of the seventeen girls and twelve boys she mentored, at age 18 none of them had become/gotten anyone pregnant, none had any STDs, and 21 of them went to college.

Comprehensive sexual education: it works.
(Abstinence only education: not so much.)

Anyway, here are the Ten Commandments:

1. always use a condom
2. always use another form of BC, like the pill, foam, shot, etc.
3. always use a condom.
4. always use a safe space - a REAL safe space, not "an empty alley no one will look here", not "the backseat of the car". A SAFE SPACE where you won't get caught and won't get hurt.
5. always use a condom.
6. make sure your "no" is listened to immediately, and your "yes" even more so. if s/he won't take "no, don't do X, i don't like" when you're just kissing, s/he won't take it anytime.
7. ALWAYS use a condom.
8. if you won't kiss it, don't put it in your body/put your body in it
9. always use a condom.
10. get tested A)at least twice a year B)before a new partner C) after you've been with new partner 3-4 weeks.
[11. don't get caught.]


  1. If I followed number 4, I would have been a virgin until college... damn stay-at-home moms...

    Instead of so much condom redundancy, they could have added safe words, or how about "Thou Shalt Lube."

  2. I think those get covered in the Psalms. (Sex Ed edition, of course.) The Decalogue is just a set of basic guidelines; it's not meant to teach everything you might want to know, just to make sure you can learn in relative safety.

    Though I have to admit, I am now strongly tempted to rewrite the list in King James English.


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