Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reality TV

I have a new idea for a reality TV show. Yes, really. It'll be a big hit, and I'll make a million dollars. I promise.

Here's the setup: we'll follow a group of young women who are considering a major new career path. The show will give them a chance to live and work in their chosen field (ostensibly so they can learn more about it), but mainly it'll be an excuse to see just how much sh*t they'll put up with. We can get the usual run of characters - you know, the sweet one, the bitchy one, the slob, the obsessive organizer - and maybe add a panel of judges to provide sarcastic commentary.

So what's the twist? Well, these girls are on their way to become nuns.

We'll call it The Wimple Life.


  1. Brilliant! When can I tune in?

  2. Well... I'm having a little trouble recruiting the proto-nuns. All the likely candidates run the other way when they see me coming. It's baffling.


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