Friday, July 23, 2010

Real Work Conversations

This one happened by e-mail:

Theater: "We have everything working now. This would be a good time to sync the live site with the test site."

Information Services: "We're completely reworking the network right now. The sites wouldn't sync - they'd sink, and then we'd be sunk."

Theater: "Oh. Okay, new plan..."

Honestly. Two e-mails, a phone call, and a huge notice on their homepage - and still, it's like they never even heard about the project...


  1. Well, um, how charming. You must be thrilled.... Now, exactly what else are these clever folks responsible for paying attention to? They don't drive, do they? Dispense medication to children or elderly parents?

    Just trying to keep us all safe, is all... ;)

  2. Well, it's a theater - excuse me, a theatre - so mainly they schedule shows, rent space, and sell tickets. Oh, and break the software that they use to sell the tickets.

    I'd be a lot more worried if they were a police or fire department, or something like that. As it is, their flakiness is epic but not world-destroying.


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