Thursday, July 1, 2010

Choose A Side

Okay, so you've just arrived at college, and you're noticing that the fraternities around here seem a little... odd. They're all co-ed, for one thing, and never mind that a co-ed "fraternity" is a bit of a contradiction in terms. Members of one group don't show up in mirrors, members of another won't touch the silverware in the cafeteria, members of a third keep buying out all the eye of newt at the local grocery story... and then there's the group whose members occasionally walk through walls when they're late to class. Maybe there are a couple of other options, too, but those are the ones you've noticed.

Rush is almost over, and Shake Day (or Bid Day) is fast approaching. Who do you pledge?


  1. Vampires were cool until they became harmless semi-vegetarians with angst issues.

    Werewolves were never cool.

    And Ghosts exist because something horrible tethers them to this world.

    I'll go with the eye-of-newt crowd, thank you very much.

  2. I've been partial to werewolves for a long time, myself. As with most of these things, it depends a lot on the details - if you're normal most of the time, but go into an unreasoning berserker fury every full moon, that's no fun at all. If you can turn into an animal at will, and are nearly indestructible, and still retain something of your consciousness... well, that's something else altogether. Though like a lot of people, I'd prefer becoming some sort of great cat to becoming a wolf.


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