Monday, March 6, 2023

Spring Reset

The boys have started Spring Break, which means that I'm working in the office again. We're moving towards That Time Of Year again -- May, I mean -- and the number of projects and related stress is starting to build up. Being in the office will actually be an advantage for this, especially if I come in early -- with any luck, I can catch up on some of the things I got behind on while Beautiful Wife was out of town last week. 

Writing progress is slow and erratic, at least on the longer projects, but it's still progress. I need to figure out what happens next in the Dark Fantasy project, but while I'm waiting for my brain to catch up with that, I re-opened Random High Fantasy and threw another couple of pages on there. And, of course, Dark Armor is coming along here on the Blog o' Doom. I've been taking advantage of Friday Night Writes, and having a couple of hours blocked off (even once a week) is proving hugely helpful. 

I managed to get everyone else down to bed on Saturday night, and was sitting in the back reading, and apparently at some point in there I finally just... relaxed. It was a wonder I made it into the bed. I slept for about ten hours, with some really nice rapid eye movements in there, and woke gradually. (Dreams were weird, and mostly focused on making it back on time from a conference myself. Not stress dreams, though; like, things were working out and I was on my way to the airport when I woke up.)

(I do miss having monster dreams, but I think I'm just not watching and reading enough scary material.)

All in all, I think I've got a pretty good start going into this week, so the goal is going to be maintaining it: getting enough sleep, keeping my energy up, getting exercise in the form of walking (with or without the dog), and just generally being careful not to overextend myself. 

Seems doable.

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