Thursday, March 16, 2023

Dracula Dreams

So in an attempt to make the changeover to Daylight Savings Time, I went to bed "on time" on Monday and took a Benadryl to make sure I went to sleep -- what with, y'know, my body still thinking it was an hour earlier than it actually was. And, naturally, I slept like a rock. 

So of course I had weird dreams. 

There were a handful of people using projected portals (think Sliders, if you're old enough to remember that one) to get groups of people to different times/timelines, with the eventual goal of destroying Dracula. (I think the groups that were being transported were basically refugees, while the folks with the gate-keys were the resistance.) There was a lot of running and screaming and chaos. 

After they departed, I found my way into the large building that Dracula was using as his castle in this era. (What era? Modern-ish. Couldn't tell you more than that.) I was spying from some sort of duct when he heard me, and let me tell you: 

Grating doesn't even slow him down; he just kind of oozes through it, like a shadowy T-1000

He's fast, too. No outrunning Dracula. I made it out of the building, but he caught me at the fountain.

Turns out Dracula doesn't feel pain. That's why he such an asshole: there's no good way to rebuke him when he gets deep into his bullshit. I was starting to ask him about that, and how he felt about losing such a fundamental part of his humanity -- we were definitely veering off into Get Dracula Some Therapy territory -- when the alarm went off and I woke up. 

I have absolutely no idea how the Resistance was planning to try to destroy him, but all things considered it's no surprise that it involved time travel. Something like that, it would probably require time travel.

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