Monday, March 13, 2023

Dungeons and Doggos

The kids' D&D game on Saturday morning was... odd. We were missing one player -- his character has temporarily fallen into a pit trap which immediately sealed over so that the other characters couldn't get to him until his player returns -- but, we were up by two whole doggos. 

Of the two players who attended, one is disabled and not very steady on his feet; so it was quite a surprise to look outside and realize that he was trying to get out of the car while two mid-sized dogs were racing around the yard, wagging and sniffing and generally being friendly. They weren't wearing collars, and we didn't see anybody who looked like an owner, so we herded them through the house and into the back yard. (Crotchstomper was thrilled by this. New doggy-buddies? And they came to visit him? More, please!) 

The dogs remained in the back yard while the boys explored the dungeons and encountered mysterious floating skeletons which turned out to be the remains of victims still being dissolved by a gelatinous cube. They battled the cube, and defeated it with the help of the wizard who hired them and some of the workers he'd brought to clear the entrance to the ruins. 

With this chapter of the adventure resolved, we took the dogs over to a nearby vet. Sure enough, they were chipped and we were able to send their owner a message; he came and collected them as soon as he could. (We had, of course, caught him at a doctor's appointment or somesuch.) Turns out he has a young daughter who thinks it's fun to take their collars off and open the gate for them, so this is the second or third time they've gotten out in the last few weeks.

Still, all ended happily, with a successful resolution to both quests.

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