Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Um... yeah?

I was going to write something for today, I really was. And normally it would have been pretty easy -- D&D is usually on Monday nights, so I can just drop my notes into a post, clean it up when I get home, and let it go up Tuesday morning. Alas, not this week. This week we're playing on Tuesday, so the game notes won't go up until Friday. And I don't have any particular fictions prepared -- I've been working on the book-length project, and that's where my brain is. 

Plus, I just worked a nine-hour day, of the which probably seven hours were spent catching up on email after being out of town for a week. 

It was a good vacation, but I'm not going to talk about it right now; that seems too much like work. So does downloading the pictures I took of Firstborn on his first college tour. 

Sweet baby Jesus, I'm old.

No, the vacation was good and restful and I am not going to spend my energy on things I think I should be doing; I'm going to put in some time on the writing project (a priority) and maybe Duolingo (a long-overdue but lesser priority), and then I'm going to go to bed (a priority) and get up and exercise (a priority) before tomorrow turns into a raging inferno (an inevitability).

Take care of yourselves; take care of each other. It's rough out there, and its getting rougher. Don't lose hope.

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