Saturday, March 10, 2012

Welcome to the First World

Beautiful Wife: "Bicycling... in the rain... with a backpack. Maybe he's preparing for a trip to Ireland."

Me: "They do that in Ireland?"

Beautiful Wife: "I saw that a lot in Ireland."

Me: "Sounds Damp."

Beautiful Wife: "Probably is."

Me: "Still, might not be too bad. I'd want a heated bicycle seat, though."

Beautiful Wife: "I think they make those."

Me: "..."

Me: "First World Countries: where we can make a luxury out of anything, no matter how stupid."


  1. If you haven't visited Japan, I highly recommend it for First World interest's sake alone. Heated toilet seats are a revelation in and of themselves.

  2. I haven't. My brother has - he's been to China, too, not that I'm the least bit jealous - but I haven't. I did manage to join a Medieval History trip back in college, and visited a decent bit of Europe that way. That wasn't the best long-term decision, since I was majoring in Spanish at the time, but it certainly was enjoyable.

  3. Amanda, I was just going to say. I miss having a toasty toilet-bidet that would play the radio or make waterfall and birdsong noise to pass the time.


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