Saturday, March 3, 2012

Light Blogging

So... The Web Redesign Project Of Horrible Doom From Beyond Space is scheduled to go live on Monday. We will deactivate our current web server, and redirect our URLs to a new web server. In layman's terms: we will flip the switch, and the entire website will break. Panic and chaos will ensue.

Well, okay, hopefully not... but that's about what I'm expecting, frankly.

Unfortunately, just about the only thing that could dissuade us from making the changeover would be an even more epic catastrophe: the rise R'lyeh, perhaps. Or the zombie apocalypse. Rivers and seas turning to blood. Gozer the Gozerian making an appearance in New York. Martian war-machines beginning their invasion protocol. Gay marriage being legalized at the Federal level.

...Well, okay, maybe not that last one. Not catastrophic enough.

Anyway, it may be pretty quiet around here for the next few days. Especially if we get eaten by zombies.


  1. It's the "From Beyond Space" that makes it art.

  2. I think the zombie velociraptors are busy handing out contraception to all who need it. So the end cannot be far away... /sarcasm


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