Friday, March 2, 2012

Foglios, are you listening?

You know what would make my year? A collection of plush Jägermonsters. (Also, if there's anybody in my readership who isn't following Girl Genius, stop reading this post right now. Take the rest of your weekend. Go back to the beginning of the comic, and start reading. You can thank me when you get back.)

Right, where was I? Oh, yeah. Plush Jägermonsters.

Why do I need plush Jägerkin? Well, to put it simply, Firstborn's plushy monsters badly outnumber my own. He has Cthulhu, Gug, Ithaqua, and Nyarlathotep; he also has a facehugger, a scorpion, two wombats, two platypi, a parrot, and a pretty ugly doll.

I have a one-eyed teddy bear who's approximately as old as I am. And while he makes an excellent statesman, ambassador, and political adviser, that isn't much help when Firstborn's hordes come against us.

But Jägers? I think the Jägers could take them. Especially if I could get ahold of, say, a nice set of four? Phil & Kaja Foglio, take note: this is a brilliant marketing opportunity... and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't lose your hats.

So... Please? Please???


  1. I loved their art on Magic the Gathering cards and in the the magazine Scrye.

  2. I haven't seen much of their art outside of Girl Genius, but yes - what I've seen, I really like.

  3. The Foglios have a contact page on the GG website, so you can email your request to them directly. Of course, by posting here, you can for the idea.

  4. Argh! That last sentence was supposed to read "drum up support for the idea."

  5. Right, I am officially drumming up support! Ladies, gentlemen, clanks, and sundry assorted Jägerfans, please show your support for the production of stuffed Jägermonsters. (It's probably best if you show support by leaving a comment here; I sent an e-mail in, but I'd prefer not to inundate the Foglio's mailbox.)

  6. Here's my support! \o/

    I would SO hang out with some stuffed Jagerkin, and make them talk in tiny grating voices. <3


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