Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Character Sketches: Werdeth

Werdeth closes the car door and follows his uncle into the school. He's been to the school before, for meetings with counselors and administators; not when the other students were here. Not with all these people milling around, creating a sort of human log jam. Not with this overwhelming movement, these many scents blending and blurring.

A whisper of power stirs deep inside him, urging him to change, to flee, to run. He forces it down, along with the memories it brings: wind in his fur, fallen leaves and soil beneath his paws... blood in his mouth. He lost two years of his life the last time he let the beast run loose - lost them as far as the human world was concerned, anyway. He won't let that happen again.

Instead, he holds himself still while his uncle speaks to the secretary. It's probably unnecessary; he already has his schedule and his books. He could just go on to his classroom.

After a time his uncle glances back. "You'll be okay?" he asks.

Werdeth nods, recognizing it for the dismissal that it is. The office doors are glass; he can see the crowd outside, thinner now but still there. It frightens him, he realizes: the idea of being in middle of all that movement, all those people. Realizing that, he opens the door and steps out... into his first day of High School.

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  1. Poor Werdeth. He's going to have such an awkward time.


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