Friday, August 5, 2011

If you were The One, then you'd know...

This is actually something I was saying in a conversation elsewhere, but I think it bears repeating. So...

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to relationships is people who have certain expectations - sometimes an entire script - that they expect their partner/potential partner to conform to... except they won't communicate those expectations, because part of the script is that their (potential) partner should "just know." Since I'm one of those rare people (generally known as "human beings") who suffer from a tragic lack of telepathic abilities, I find this sort of thing infuriating.

This is one of the (many) reasons that I love being married to the Beautiful Woman. If she wants something, wants me to do something, wants me to not do something, or is mad about something I've done, I will know about it. Not having to guess saves us both an awful lot of frustration and wasted time.


  1. I suggest is that most people carry these scripts like unconscious time bombs and then BAM!

    Not that I know from experience...

  2. I can be sort of thick sometimes so it helps to have things spelled out for me. Things that seem to aggravate, offend, hurt the feelings of others just kinda go right over my head. Don't mess about. Just be plain about your expectations with me. I'll decide if I want to conform.

  3. I think many people would have far healthier relationships if they interacted with each other honestly instead of "performing" a role. Men and women are both taught to conform to certain scripts in their day-to-day interactions, which isn't an authentic way to live.

  4. Yeah, it doesn't help that I'm not good with subtext at all - not in real life interactions, anyway.


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