Thursday, July 7, 2022

July Is Hell In Texas Horoscopes

When the darkness comes, you will shed your human skin and reveal your bestial nature, rending flesh and devouring hearts. Bullets and blades will fail against the strength of your rage, and so very many of the unblessed will fall to your hunger.

When the darkness comes, you will show your true stature, massive and powerful, smashing all who oppose you. Stand tall, and let your strength see you through.

When the darkness comes, the corpses of the fallen will be your food, and they will sustain you. Your transformed flesh will be difficult to harm and quick to heal. Burrow into the earth, found a colony, and you will thrive.

When the darkness comes, you will hear the voices of the Great Ones and call others to Their worship. Hold to Their rituals, and heed Their demands, and They will grant you the strength of loyal numbers. Do not fear to raise a temple to Them; Their time has come at last.

When the darkness comes, you will transcend the flesh and observe all things. Take mortal bodies as you need them, and move as shadow and smoke when you do not. The ashes of the world will be your playground.

When the darkness comes, accept the blood and rise again. Feed upon the living, and gather them to you as herds of cattle. These pitiful survivors will sustain you until time is no more.

When the darkness comes, let loose of your body. Soar into the air and let your entrails dangle as you hunt for children, born and unborn alike. Keep your body handy to reclaim as needed; soaking your organs in vinegar will shrink them for easy re-entry.

When the darkness comes, take your place among the hunters. Accept the wings and the claws, the horns and the fangs and spiked tail. Exchange your feet for hooves or talons. Haunt the nighted skies, and drop on your victims from above.

When the darkness comes, you will re-learn what you have always known: you are beautiful. Mortals will offer themselves to you, sacrifice themselves for you, and you will feed on their desires. Choose carefully; only the best are worthy of your attentions.

When the darkness comes, you will learn how much of human bloodlines came originally from the serpent instead of Adam. The scales will protect your once-soft skin, while fangs and venom will give you immediate advantage. Do not fear the transformation, though it is not yet complete.

When the darkness comes, take to the waters. The things there will know you, even if you do not recognize them, and they will rise to your defense. You will be safe there, in the endless darkness of the nighted depths, while the surface suffers and dies; from the waters, you will be reborn.

When the darkness comes, it will awaken your crown of flames. Beautiful and terrible, you will make your way through the rubble, and all those you encounter will bow to your majesty or be consumed by the fires. Cleanse the world, as much of it as you can reach.

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