Monday, December 13, 2021

December 2021: State of Us

Last Thursday was the first of Beautiful Wife's follow-up surgeries following the mastectomy back in the beginning of September. This one was primarily aesthetic cleanup, and as a result more superficial... though it was still surgery under anesthetic, which is nothing to take lightly. Still, after about five hours of surgery and half an hour of recuperation, I was able to take her back home. 

Of course, I still had to set up the cot again -- the loft bed is a no-go zone for her right now -- and I'm back to being the Walker of the Dog, and I picked up Mediterranean food for us on the way home, and...


We're doing pretty well, all things considered. She's recovering quickly (a couple of iron supplements and a lot of Gatorade made a huge difference in that), and she's already at that stage where she has energy to get up and move around and do things right up until she doesn't anymore. It won't be too long until I need to put up another round of "It's Important To Be Boring" signs. She's already allowed to drive, though I don't think the doctors really appreciated the intricacies of climbing into the van while it's parked in the garage. 

On my end, I'm back to running support for Beautiful Wife and not much else -- especially with the last of the holidays getting ready to fall on my head like a ton of bricks. I have no real news from work, no real progress on most of my writing, and no real expectation that either of those things will change any time soon. It's the nature of the season: everything that happens this time of year is both desperately urgent, and simultaneously on hold. I did get more sleep and I intend to continue that, both because it will eventually help and also it's about all I can do right now. 

Monday (tomorrow, at the time of this writing) will be a day of sorting through projects and assigning priorities, following up on things that would be done by now if all the forces in the Universe weren't conspiring to delay me, and just possibly buying a lottery ticket in the vain hope of deliverance.

Oh, and bacon. I need to buy more bacon.

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