Thursday, July 21, 2016

Real Work Conversations: Killing It

Me: "So, if you had to divide humanity into two groups, and one group would randomly drop dead (but you didn't know which one), how would you create your groups?"

Boss: "...I'd try to make them as even as possible: ages, education levels, all that."

Me: "Yes, I was thinking of doing it by birth date. Like, all even-number birthdays would be one group, all odd-number birthdays would be the other. You'd probably have to make some changes to make sure the groups came out to the same sizes, but that should give a pretty even distribution worldwide. It's still a pretty horrifying scenario, though."

Boss: "Yes, it is. Why are you thinking about this?"
Boss: "...It's a story idea, isn't it?"

Me: "I'm a writer. We like killing people."
Me: "That didn't come out right."


  1. That's funny stuff right there! :D

  2. Yah. Work conversations are fun when you're a writer. :)

  3. As long as you kill them by vampires, it's cool.


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