Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pokemon Go

Tummy bug caught me over the weekend. It wasn't horrible, but it was uncomfortable and it's left me feeling a bit run down. So, rather than doing anything particularly original, I think I'll say a few words about Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go scares me.

I'm tempted to stop there and just wait to see what sorts of conclusions people leap to, but I won't.

Look, it isn't the prospect of getting exercise. Getting exercise by accident is about the only way I ever *do* get exercise, and Pokemon Go is perfect for that.

Nor is it the prospect of getting into some sort of accident. Yes, I've seen the news articles, but honestly? Just remember to look where you're going. Personal responsibility. Situational awareness. Similar such slogans.

No, the reason I don't play Pokemon Go -- the reason Pokemon Go scares me -- is the same reason I won't play Minecraft.

I'm afraid I'd enjoy. I'm afraid I'd really enjoy it. And I know myself: if the game is that fun and compelling, then there's a very good chance that I might look up at some point and find myself asking, "Wait a minute... what happened to 2017?"


  1. Well, you've got one protection against that. You'll have to quit when the phone battery (and any spares you've got) run out.

    1. I am not as reassured by that as I should be...


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