Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Eye Tyrant

We're unloading the storage unit, which means sorting through a lot of boxes of things that we were just sure we'd want to get back as soon as we moved into a bigger house. Only, we didn't move into a bigger house. We reconfigured the existing house instead. So we're doing a lot of giving things away and selling things off and throwing things out.

In one of the boxes, I found a picture that Firstborn did... I'm guessing about four years ago, so he would have been probably six years old:

It's a Beholder, an Eye Tyrant. Nasty floating eyeball critter.

It's... it's one of his stuffed animals.


  1. Thank Cthulhu you didn't misplace that!

  2. Is it just me, or is the toy in the Amazon link missing the large central eye?

    1. That's the other side of it. There's a big, toothy mouth on one side, and a big central eye on the other.

    2. Okay then. I suppose with all the eyestalks, it doesn't need its main eye to face the same way as its mouth for targeting purposes, but that just seems wrong (and doesn't match most of the pictures I've seen).

    3. Yeah, the Monster Manual drawing always had the mouth on the same side as the central eye. I'm not sure why Toy Vault did theirs with them on opposite sides.


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