Monday, August 18, 2014

Vacation Adventures: On The Rocks

So, for my last installment of vacation pictures, here are various places where we took the boys hiking and exploring. Shortly after we arrived, we had the opportunity to go and listen to a performance on the Sewanee Carillon. (For a link that actually gives you some feel for the experience, watch this video.) Afterwards, we got to go up in the bell tower itself. It's... quite an experience:

Giant bell, with faces at the top.

The view from the top is beautiful:

We took the boys out to Natural Bridge, and I showed them the funny little tunnel that goes under the bridge from one side and comes out on a ledge on the other side:

Firstborn and his cousin at Proctor's Hall:

If you pass through the rock and go (carefully) down the other side, there's a trail that follows the bottom of the cliff. Just a little ways down it are a pair of large boulders. In our youth, my brother and I decided that one of them was "Tank Rock" (because it was vaguely tank-shaped, and if you sat in the right spot on top of it you could pretend you were driving the tank). We called the other "Ship Rock", not because it resembled a sailing ship, but because from a certain angle it reminded us of the snowspeeders from The Empire Strikes Back. So, in this picture, Firstborn would be standing on the nose of the craft:

That picture was quickly (and inevitably) followed by this one:

He jumped off the snowspeeder, possibly while it was in flight.
Jedis can do that.

There was also some general playing and free time; here's Secondborn showing us that he's an archer:

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