Monday, April 14, 2014

This Vicious Cabaret

I have a complicated relationship with V For Vendetta. It's a funny little piece of my youth, and it's something that I can still go back and re-read. (The movie version more or less passed me by; I've watched it once, and I remember thinking that they'd handled the source material with skill and respect, and that most of the changes they'd made were good and necessary to make the movie work... but I'd have to watch it again to add any real detail to that impression.) No matter how much I enjoy it, however, there are parts of the book that I strenuously disagree with, and parts that I find extremely troubling.

I suspect that's part of the reason I enjoy it. Also, by the book's own lights, I suspect that's a good and laudable reaction.

Included in the graphic novel, in the break between the first and second sections, is a bit of music: notation and lyrics, both. It's a striking little interlude, because it neatly summarizes the important parts of the plot so far, and because it always struck me as eminently playable. It turns out that the lyrics were written by Alan Moore (who did the writing for V for Vendetta) with the help of David J. Haskins, a member of the goth band Bauhaus. So yes, it's completely playable, and yes, there actually is an audio version of it:

It doesn't sound quite the way it did in my head, of course.

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