Thursday, April 24, 2014

Slight Delay...

So, yeah, I didn't actually come up with anything to post today. I'm hoping to throw something up at lunch - I have a couple of ideas primed, I just haven't been able to sit down and pull them together. If that doesn't work, well... I'll have something for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, a question: What's the weirdest dream you've had lately? What's the weirdest dream you ever had?


  1. I haven't had any weird dreams lately, unless you count running away dramatically from a bright pink spider the size of a child's head. It caught and bit me, and then I died and woke up. LOL.

    My weirdest dream ever is actually one that I have repetitively. The setting changes from one dream to the next, but I usually start out exploring a very large house or hotel. As I walk up the steps to a higher floor I realize that I'm dreaming.

    If I can make it up to the top floor before I wake up I get to talk to "god." In my dreams "god" is usually a group of a half dozen people who try to explain stuff like why they allow suffering in the world or the merits of forgiveness.

    We've gotten into some pretty involved discussions, which is very strange considering that I'm an atheist who has no interest in any religion in real life. :)

  2. You know, the current state of the world makes a lot more sense once you realize that the Almighty is making decisions by committee...

    For the highlights of my weirder dreams, check out the Dreams tag. Some of the more notable nightmares made it into A Haunted World, too.


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