Friday, April 25, 2014

The Hunter Prince: Down In The Tunnel

So, I'm starting this episode over again. It's not that I didn't like the earlier bits, it's just that they were starting to A) get off-track, and B) become very long. Which meant they were delaying the interesting sections that I really wanted to get to writing. I'm fixing that by skipping over most what I've written already, like so:

"Explain to me again why you thought this would be a good idea," said Janiva, brushing a hand along the damp stone wall as she walked.

"It wasn't my fault," protested Morius, who was limping along with one arm on Cyjar's shoulder for support. "I just wanted to see what was behind the big metal door."

"So now we're stuck in this... cave. Tunnel. Whatever it is." Janiva sounded slightly disgusted. She was walking ahead of the two boys, and it was her spell that was providing the faint glow of light above their heads.

"Both, I think," put in Cyjar.

"Whatever," Janiva repeated. "Nobody knows we're down here, and we can't get back up."

"I didn't know the ramp would collapse," muttered Morius. "I didn't even know it was a ramp. I thought it was flooring. Who would build a wooden ramp to connect the wine cellar with a cave?"

"Somebody a long time ago," said Cyjar. "That wood was old, and I don't think that door has been opened in a long, long time."

"You're just lucky that the Armsmaster set me to study battlefield healing," said Janiva, then stopped.

Cyjar stopped behind her, but couldn't see what she might be looking at. The rough stone of the walls, floor, and ceiling faded into the darkness ahead of them.

Morius took advantage of the pause to bend down and massage his leg. "About that... Maybe you should study some healing healing. It would be kind of nice if you knew how to actually heal my leg, instead of just holding it together long enough to finish a battle..." Janiva turned back to say something, but Morius continued: "It's better than leaving it completely broken. It just hurts."

Janiva quirked her lips, then turned back to look down the tunnel. "It looks like it opens up ahead of us. You two stay here." She paused, then looked back at Morius. "...And quit whining."

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