Sunday, April 20, 2014

The True Meaning Of Easter

We have once again reached that special point in the calendar, that sacred day when the bunnies come to lay eggs made of flowers, which the happy children collect in their nests. These miraculous eggs hatch into gifts of holy chocolate, which are then consumed to ensure the fertility of the community in the coming year. In some communities, a few select eggs may hatch into coins or other sorts of money, to strengthen the community economically as well.

As part of the celebration, children and adults alike may consume chocolate bunny-effigies, in memory of the ancient bunny-god (the Deus Ex Lepus) who offered up his flesh for the fecundity of the whole world. The traditional approach requires believers to consume the ears first, just as the Holy Bunny had his ears lopped off by the rebellious soldiers who tried (and failed) to deny His Lagomorphic Divinity. Eventually, however, the entire body is consumed in a sweet reminder of the way the spirit of the Great March Hare fills us all.

Not everyone believes this, of course. And even among believers, not everyone chooses to mark the occasion by performing the full and complete Rite. Regardless, I hope you'll join me in wishing everyone a cute and fluffy day, and a hoppy new year!


  1. Her. Her Lagomorphic Divinity. Males don't lay eggs.

    Bunny-O-Bunny (an ether bunny)

  2. Given that we're talking about egg-laying bunnies, here, I'm not sure the usual rules apply...

  3. May his gentle spirit nourish you and give your kids an insane buzz that lasts all year!


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