Friday, March 21, 2014

No new nightmares

I thought I was going to finish this week with another installment of A Haunted World, but... well, let me tell you about yesterday.

Yesterday, Thursday, I showed up at work as early as I could manage. This was complicated by the need to drop Firstborn off at school. It was required by the need to get with our front-line support and troubleshoot an issue with our document management software. It was, of course, a particularly weird and specific issue, and this is software that I'm only just becoming familiar with - and this was a custom form within that software, one which had been created by the same company I was calling for support.

In addition, yesterday (still Thursday) was the latest in a long line of indignities that have been visited upon me by the United Way. I had volunteered... voluntarily, even... to be part of the Information Technology (And Anyone Else We Can Grab) Dodgeball team. The tournament was scheduled to start at eleven o'clock.

So, knowing that both these things were coming, I went to bed early. This was not so much a matter of sensible personal planning, as a matter of being hugely exhausted and passing the &*^% out on the top bunk in Firstborn's room. That I had nightmares was no great surprise; that they woke up me was no surprise either - especially since I woke up to discover that one of the cats was meowing loudly in the hallway.

However, it was also no surprise that the nightmare - despite plugging perfectly into that writing project - was not sufficient to keep me awake long enough to write it all down. Not even close. It woke me up at midnight; I was back down by one o'clock. I have the shape of it, I wrote that much down, but it's not ready to be published yet. So that'll probably be done sometime next week.

If anybody's wondering about the Dodgeball, well... I didn't embarrass myself. Actually, I did pretty well. And the I.T. Team - appropiately named "Get The Hell Out And Dodge!" - made it to second place, out of something like seven teams. And this, despite the fact that the tech support call ran long enough that I didn't think I'd be able to play.

So, since I don't have my fiction ready, let me throw you at one of my go-to albums for writing about the end of the world. The band is named Xandria, and the album is called Neverworld's End. Here's the first song: A Prophecy Of Worlds To Fall.

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