Friday, March 14, 2014

Filler: Taming Yesterday's Nightmares for a Better Tomorrow

I have nothing for today, so I'm going to send you all over to Peter Watts for an update on his research into Vampire Domestication. I'm sure you'll find it very educational.


  1. I've actually read that one. (I'm a very textually-oriented person who burns out easily on processing audio stimuli, so when I saw there was a transcript I promptly abandoned thoughts of watching the video.) Didn't even know it was supplementary material for his novel Blindsight at the time. I haven't decided if I'm ever going to read Blindsight, but I certainly liked Vampire Domestication.

    (How do we control predators built to out-human* humans? By having them be dependent on drugs that only we know how to make! They'll never figure out how to manufacture it themselves! Nothing could possibly go wrong!)

    *Intelligence with a side of stamina.

    1. I was expecting them to say they kept the subjects in rooms that were specially built to have no right angles. Then they're at least imprisoned extremely effectively. It's still not safe, but it'd be safer. Then they mentioned the drug and I'm like "welp, apocalypse time."

      It reminds me of the SCP Foundation crossed with this qntm's vampires.

    2. Ah, Svalbard. I've had a bit of a fondness for Svalbard ever since I stumbled across it on GeoGuessr, thereby learning of its existence. (That's right, they have goddamn Street View there. I love the twenty-first century. Oh, sure, the mapping's pretty spotty, but then so is the Street View in my own village.)


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