Wednesday, March 26, 2014

An Introduction In Two Voices

"What are we looking at here?"
"A boy. They brought him in with Silk and Rodeson."
"The disappearances? What happened?"
"We're not sure. They're both dead, and so are a lot of monsters. The boy was with them, naked and unconscious, so they brought him back. He's in hardlock until we're sure he's clean."
"Who's checking him?"
"Bradwell is on his way in."
"Bradwell? I thought he was retired."
"He is. The boy is his nephew, the one who's been missing for the last two years. Do you want to tell him that he has to wait? Especially for us?"
"When you put it that way... No. And I supposed Bradwell can check him over as well as anyone. But if the boy's been under for two years..."
"I know. I don't like it either. And I want whatever he knows about Silk and Rodeson and how they died."
"You said there were monsters..."
"There were. In bits and pieces, all over the clearing. Unknown breed, but the claws and teeth are consistent with the wounds on Silk and Rodeson. Except, if they killed our agents, how did they end up dead?"
"You think there's something still out there? Something with an interest in the boy?"
"Or something that thought he was already dead, and left him alone. That's the problem: I don't know."
"All right. I'll see what I can learn."

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