Friday, July 5, 2013

Monstrous Free Association

Graveyard, darkness, moonlight. Scales, fur, claws. Contact. Fear/fascination. Books, dreams, nightmares. Forest. Wilderness. Crypts and caves. Flesh and bone, blood and breath. Hungers. Eyes... connection, conversion. Transformation. Vulnerability and power.

"Power makes monsters of us all." -The Gospel of St. John the Blasphemer

Freedom and desire. Breaking free of chains, taking off masks. The dark heart of the self. Shadows. Storms. Transcendence; transfiguration. Secrets, histories, and secret histories. Books.


  1. Early church breakaway sect in Cartagena. Sort of a reverse gnostic; felt that the only way to truly understand the nature of the divine was to fully explore its opposite - wallowing in the sins of the flesh as a path to holiness, more or less.

    Either that, or an obscure and humorous reference to one of my friends from college. Take your pick.


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