Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Notes from the Mad Science Lab: Welcome To Glowing Island

I've been tinkering with the concept of bioluminescence recently. More specifically, I've been tinkering with the chemistry of bioluminescence. Because, you see, the proper insertion of a few select genes can save you thousands of dollars in electricity that you would otherwise have spent on lighting.

With that in mind, let me welcome you all to my vision of the future: Glowing Island. Behold: a world without darkness. The grass glows. The trees glow.

If you'll look to your left, you'll observe the glowing carp, making their way along the stream. Ah, and there's a turtle that somehow made its way onto this island... but notice how the glowing lichens have colonized the outside of his shell. He won't need to be modified. Now, follow me and we'll continue on to...

...Bright Village. The grasses are more carefully trimmed, here, but as you see they still provide an ample amount of light - especially with the addition of the hedges and - no, don't touch that, child! The glowing berries are pretty, but they're sometimes explosive as well. Yes, yes - we're still ironing out a few bugs here and there. Ah, here comes Jonas! He's part of the first generation of luminous people. How are you doing, Jonas?

Make it stop? But Jonas, your glowing skin is the very thing that these people have come to... Can't sleep? Have you considered wearing a sleep mask?

No, I suppose that wouldn't help with the glow from your eyelids. Still, it can't be all bad: you're one of the first and finest examples of my new, improved humanity. Ahem. My apologies, ladies and gentlemen. Some of our volunteers take longer than other to adjust to their new gifts. But as you can see, everyone here in Bright Village glows, with no need for electricity at all. Even the babies!

So there's really no cause for concern. Jonas will adapt, and his children will grow up thinking of these scientific miracles as perfectly normal. They can live their lives and conduct their business at any hour of the day or night, secure in... Jonas? What are you doing, my friend? Put the gun down, Jonas... Jonas, try to stay calm. If it means that much to you, I'll be happy to reverse the process... Yes, now - or just as soon as the tour is over, anyway. Go report to the lab, and have them issue you a sedative. No, no, there's no cause for alarm, ladies and gentlemen. Please, let's continue on, and I'll see to it that Jonas receives the help he clearly needs...

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