Thursday, September 6, 2012

The President of all Zombie Dreams

Wow. Interesting things in my dreams last night. (I'm guessing they came from reading about the DNC starting, but who knows?)

So, first of all: Zombies. Everywhere. This is not unusual in my dreams. Keeping a little group of strangers moving is also pretty much par for the course. We were trying to find a shelter for the night, and there was some discussion of how the zombies found us - sound and body heat were the two main ideas, and a solid enough building would help with both.

That was how we wound up in an enclosed apartment building. I'm a little less clear on what President Obama and his wife were doing in one of the apartments, but I have to that they were very nice to meet in person, very willing to help people get inside and get settled. Come to think of it, they didn't have any Secret Service agents around, so maybe that's why they were glad to see everyone else.

Anyway, they were a whole lot nicer than the guy down the road, who greeted our arrival by opening fire with a gatling and throwing sticks of dynamite. I can't remember why we went to see him - not everybody, just three of us. Though now that I think of it, one of the three who went to go see him might have been Bill Murray. Anyway, I remember being very annoyed that Fortified Redneck Guy was wasting bullets on the living when there were zombies all around.

We'd just finished handcuffing Fortified Redneck Guy, and I think we were going to take him back to the apartment building, when I woke up.

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