Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Disastrous Pics

So, since I'm sure some of you are curious about how Secondborn looks with his new pirate scar, I thought I'd post some pictures. However, since some of you might also be a little squeamish, I'm putting the images below the cut.

On a related note, we joined my parents, my brother, and his wife at the Dallas Arboretum on Monday, to see the Chihuly exhibition of blown glass. This was lovely, but also brutally hot and very, very sunny. Afterwards, we went swimming at my parents' house, which was also sunny. So I wasn't terribly surprised that I wound up with a moderate case of sunburn. (I hate sunburn. It's not the burny parts, it's the wow-I-suddenly-feel-sick parts.)

What was more surprising was that after we finally got everyone home and fed, Firstborn was suddenly and surprisingly ill. I have no idea if the heat brought that on, or whether he was already coming down with something, but it was pretty ugly. Poor kid. Beautiful Wife was also sick, though not quite so spectacularly, so I suspect that sunlight and heat were factors.

So, all in all, the weekend was just a bit less restful than I'd been hoping for. Oh, well.

And now, here are the pictures of Secondborn's pirate scar:

Saturday, around noon; about as rough as it gets.

Monday, around noon; healing nicely, I think.


  1. Aww, poor fellow. Sounds like he was a trooper, though. Hope everybody feels back to themselves soon!

  2. Poor little guy! Here's hoping everyone's soon feeling back to their old selves in short order.

  3. My boy, Will, was preparing to spar later on today at the dojo, and I had him practice head movement (I've found that our dojo emphasizes blocking at the expense of boxing-like head movement). Of course he took a few of my very slow, very weak jabs in the noggin. Nothing left a bruise or a cut. Hopefully the practice will give him an edge fighting tonight. We'll see.

  4. Thanks, D'Ma and Amanda.

    Andy, I hope your boy does well. It's about time to start Firstborn into some sort of martial art, I think, if I can find something that'll hold his attention.

  5. What gets me is just how close the injury really is to his eye. I'm a bit twitchy about my eyes and their well-being. Glad Secondborn is doing well.

  6. Yeah, that was a huge part of my "And now it's time to visit the Emergency Room" reaction.

  7. Ouch. Yeah, any facial cuts, especially near the eye, should go to the ER.

    I'm sure they'll tell you this when you go to get the stitches out--sunscreen on the scar will minimize how noticeable it is in later years. For some reason scars that have gotten sunburned never fade.


  8. They did. (We actually got the stitches out on Friday. Secondborn was very brave about it.)


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