Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Arr, Matey! 'Tis the day, it is.

That's right, me hearties, it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day! So fer t'day, we'll be talkin' like pirates... and singin' like pirates... an' when I get 'ome t'night, I'll be plundering the liquor chest in search o' rum. ARRR!

So join us below the fold in search o' booty, me lads and lassies:

First, learn to talk like a pirate:

Pirates singing:

Pirates rapping:

Canadian pirates:

More pirate music - Whiskey In The Jar:

The Captain's Wife's Lament:

...And, arr! What do this be? I don't even... Arr, I play it anyway:

If you've stayed with us through all that, then You Are A Pirate!

And, for tonight: Why is the rum gone?


  1. I suspect that the Teletubbies sneaked in, stole the rum, and got stinking drunk with Pikachu. It was all pretty shocking...

  2. How about these guys? They'll steal your math!

    This is from the Reader Rabbit computer game series. The Pirats are from the 6-9 math game. I got some of these for my boys when they were younger (yeah, the ones that are now in college). Amazingly, they liked them, although I suspect now they would deny this vehemently.

  3. The teletubbies didn't surprise me. I always suspected there was more going on there than the mainstream media was willing to admit. And everyone knows that Pikachu can party!


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