Friday, September 14, 2012

The Kangaroo in the Living Room

So, back on Wednesday night, while I'm busy keeping Secondborn in his room in the vain hope that maybe eventually he'll fall asleep, or at least sit still - which is, by the way, not happening at all, and-

Where was I?

Oh, right. Anyway, I'm busy. Firstborn comes out of his room, and finds his mother in the living room.

Before I recount their conversation, I should explain that back when we were first decorating Firstborn's room, just prior to his birth, we decided on an Australian theme. Part of this involved some well-chosen stuffed animals, including two wombats, a platypus, large and small koalas, and a three foot tall kangaroo that stands on its own. Firstborn is now taller than the kangaroo - I think - but not by much.

So, their conversation:

Beautiful Wife: "Firstborn, you need to be in your bed now."

Firstborn: "I can't. The Kangaroo is looking at me."

Beautiful Wife: "Well, the kangaroo is in the closet. Why don't you just close the closet door?"

Firstborn: "The closet door is closed. It's still staring at me."

So, the kangaroo is in the living room now.

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