Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Give us this day our daily weird dreams

Lots of iFriends in my dreams last night, though I don't really know why. I just finished playing the first Dead Space video games, so I'd have expected to dream about Necromorphs or at least space ships. But, no.

Instead I was in church - a nice, big, cathedral-style church - listening to some non-traditional hymns. Why? Apparently Former Conservative was getting ready to start up an Episcopal church, so he was attending this one as some sort of joint venture to help him get his own operation off the ground. A bunch of us, even the irreligious ones, had turned out to support him. (And, yes, I can totally see FC using Arlo Guthrie as worship music. Or maybe the Roues Brothers.)

This was followed by a bit of driving people around in my old home town (FC happened to be visiting that church for his, um, launch service) and me explaining that part of the reason I was so weird was that I'd spent my summers there and the school year in Dallas. Which is sort of true, actually, or at least it was sort of true when I was a kid. And the "old home town" in the dream wasn't actually the place where I spent my summers; instead, it was a dream version of that place, and one I'd dreamed myself into before. Exactly which Imaginary Friends were in the car with me kept changing, but regardless of who it was at any given moment, we were having a good time.

So, apparently my dreams can be plenty weird even without zombies...


  1. I have performed Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready" as a church offertory before, so you're not toooo far off. Also the Byrds' "Turn Turn Turn" and "Wayfaring Stranger"

    I am planning to play the original Dead Space soon! PF tells me it is pretty terrifying.

  2. Yeah, I thought you'd find that oddly in-character.


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