Saturday, September 1, 2012

Disastrous Follow-up

So, as we're leaving the Emergency Room and driving home after last night's adventure, I look over my shoulder and ask, "Firstborn, do you have any questions about tonight?"

Firstborn says, "Yeah. Well, it's actually more of a Secondborn sort of question." He turns to his brother. "Secondborn, when it was time to go to bed, why didn't you just put your head on the pillow?"

* * *
Meanwhile, today I took the boys out for a couple of hours to run errands. Secondborn is, as predicted, sporting a visible black eye along with the line of stitches underneath it.

I spent the whole time wondering just how many people thought I was abusing my kids.


  1. Oh dear -- anyone who's had active children isn't thinking that!

    And I hear you on happily ever afters :) I'm going to go scoop cat boxes again, because in my blissful happily-ever-after there is still the horrid stench of cat production, and my beloved husband who is very nearly perfect in every way flat-out will not scoop the cats unless I'm deathly ill.

    I love Firstborn's question. Sounds like our house :)

  2. I got my son an "I do all my own stunts" T-shirt after a similar incident (no stitches, though) occurred two days before we were going on a cross-country car trip. We got lots of laughs from strangers, and no accusing remarks.


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