Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Second Day of First Grade

So today, rather than walking Firstborn into school, I'm just dropping him off. As we're pulling up to the school, the crossing guard has stopped the traffic for a pair of boys who are obviously walking to school from somewhere nearby. Once she has everybody stopped, the younger boy runs across and continues running all the way into the school. The older one just sort of strolls along behind him.

I mention this to Firstborn, because it's fun to see somebody running for the sheer pleasure of it, and because it's kind of funny to watch him running with a big ol' backpack on.

Then we pull around, and I reach the drop-off area and stop the car. Firstborn unbuckles himself, snags his backpack, and races away towards the school with a huge grin on his face. Fortunately, I'd already rolled down the passenger window, so I called: "And don't forget to close the door!"

Firstborn doesn't even break stride. He circles a brick pillar, runs right back to the car, says "I forgot!" and closes the door. His grin is slightly sheepish, but still huge. Then he turns again and races into the school.


  1. They're so awesome at that age :) Then again, my thirteen-year-old is turning out to be pretty awesome as well!

  2. Yeah, I expect the boys to continue being awesome for the forseeable future.

  3. I like Superheroes. Grandmother


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