Friday, August 17, 2012

More Post-Apocalyptic Dreams

So I'm living with - or at least near - a bunch of people of people in a derelict building in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. No idea why; my best guess is that it might be related to some of the video games I've been playing recently. (I'm currently back on Infamous, which does feature a bit of urban devastation, but this dream didn't have that feel; this was much more in line with Rage, which I finished several weeks back. So... I don't know.)

This community has been hosting a guy from another community, or maybe he was just claiming to represent another community. And he'd been acting a little strange, so we weren't terribly surprised when he tried to kidnap one of the women. He wound up getting caught, or interrupted, or something before he could get away with it, but he did manage to escape.

...Which led to a segment where I was trying to track him down, so I could make sure he didn't do anything like this again. (I imagine that would have involved shooting him, but the dream didn't specify.) Which led me into asking around in yet another of these little post-apocalyptic communities.

Incidentally, if you're visiting someone else's derelict building home in a near-future wasteland, and you see something interesting that seems to be closed off in a room that also has little alien things crawling around... well, don't knock down the door to see what's in there. Tracking down all the little aliens wastes time and ammunition, and tends to annoy your hosts. ...But that was near the end of the dream, and may have had more to do with Secondborn waking up in the next room than any continuation of the previous narrative.

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