Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still more weird dreams

Okay, so there are zombies everywhere, and we're gathering the survivors inside a building where they'll be safe. Except there are still a few zombies in the building, and I end up trying to dispatch one of them with a bokken (wooden practice sword). I'm mostly successful, in that I manage to get the thing beaten down, but while I'm trying to, um, destroy the brain... the sword breaks.

So, I go back to my area to get a real sword, with a steel blade. Only when I get there I find myself in the middle of a conversation between Satan and Batman, over the contents of Satan's pouch (or purse? or something?). Apparently Batman wants a particular kind of crystal bead that's in there. Satan is claiming he doesn't have any, but of course he does - and Batman knows it.

And I never did get to go back and finish that zombie. I'm still frustrated about that. Stupid alarm clock...


  1. So I read this yesterday, and I said, I never have dreams like that! Who dreams about zombies, really?

    And then last night I dreamed about vampires on some sort of sailing ship, and suddenly the scene had shifted to vampires in my childhood home...I don't want to know the symbolism there, and I don't even like vampire stories.

    Yours for a dreamless night,

  2. Eh, whatever, at least I could sleep through the whole night. Hope the baby is better.

  3. He's getting there, I think/hope. I'm too old to think the "Who needs sleep, I have caffeine!" approach is a good idea.


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