Monday, October 24, 2011

Notes from the Mad Science Lab: Halloween Costume

My son wants us to be dinosaurs for Halloween. This... this can be done.

Growing the exo-suits will be a challenge - I'll have to expand the biodevelopment tank to make sure there's enough room. Then I'll need to make sure that the "brains" will work to translate our movements into dinosaur movements. Oh, and I'll need to make sure that the control wombs can support us - I'd feel really stupid if I climbed into my saurian bioroid and then suffocated because I forgot to give myself a way to breathe while I'm inside.

But I think this year's costumes will be a great success. Who could possibly refuse to give candy to a child who's dressed as a real, live velociraptor? Especially when his father is a tyrannosaurus, and watching from the middle of the street. My boy will love the opportunity to run and jump and roar - and to scare his friends, of course.

I'll have to get working. Halloween is coming soon, and I'll have to quadruple the growth formula to get the costumes fully grown in time.


  1. I hope your neighbours have a LOT of candy!

  2. I hope you've bribed/blackmailed all the right people. I mean seriously. How's the secret biolab supposed to stay secret if you do something this blatant?

  3. Don't worry, I've arranged a heavy fog to hide the lab entrance. By the time the police arrive, we'll have done our trick-or-treating and be gone again. Muwahahaha... um, pardon that.

  4. Your neighbors should start doing this:


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